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Knowledge and Dreams are two never ending oceans created by our creators, when these oceans work together they create Miracles.

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It's all about learning !!

GolGolGolu is one stop solution for all your online teaching and learning needs. May it be online classes, live teaching, tutorials, recorded sessions, assignments, quizzes, interactive learning, knowledge sharing, feedback mechanism everything covered under single umbrella with our two amazing solutions EXCEL & EXPLORE.

Our Platforms & Services

!! Everything for Learning !!

The Learning Marketplace

Excel is the marketplace segment of GolGolGolu to create your own course store and share your knowledge to global audience. Excel benefits course creators to monetize their courses and get the benefit of lifetime by using one time activity of creating courses and displaying on their course store. Learners get the benefit of getting skill defined courses from a vast library and diversified but unique instructors and trainers. 

Create your Excel Course Store at No Membership Cost.

Learning Management System

Explore is the LMS platform of GolGolGolu. Teachers can create online courses, interactive video and text modules, assignments, quizzes, feedback mechanism, tutorials, Live teaching embedded, one to one sessions, Paypal enrollment for Global learners.

EDUWAVE is the community segment of GolGolGolu. It was created with the identity to have a knowledge/skill/education and related products/services/service and product providers based community who can interact on any topic related to the education arena.

EduWave also helps boosting the values of edu spaces and bring more tech enabled values for teachers who donot use online teaching mediums.

!!! Be Everywhere... Just Everywhere !!!

Discover your Identity

Teach to Global Learners

Excel and Explore, Both of these platforms supports global communities, Being an instructor on any of these platforms creates your visibility to a broader reach, it also gives you an opportunity to monetize and earn from your potentials reaching to unlimited and everlasting audience.

Learn from Global Teachers

Excel and Explore, Being a learner on either of these platforms gives you an easy access to a wide range of skill instructors from a global community, It also helps in learning from your convenience, timings and locations. Being on these platforms means being everywhere.

Are you ready to go beyond Teaching

Create futures through learning, skill sharing, instructing, exploring, cross skill and be a part of the real change

Teaching is the best way of Learning. Even if you are a student, you can still help and support others with your skills you have learnt or explored

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